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As the fastest-growing hospitality technology and event services company in North America, Pinnacle Live is at the leading edge of innovation. Standing at the crossroads where turn-key event production, creative, logistics, and experiential activations converge, we offer a unique blend of best-in-class services for event organizers, marketers, venues and hotels.

Good enough is no longer good enough.

Pinnacle Live is a team of Audio Visual and technology experts who refuse to settle for good enough. We’re committed to elevating the event experience—which is why we’re constantly asking ourselves how each step of the process could be better. From who we hire to how we assess your needs day-in and day-out, our perceptiveness, flexibility, and responsiveness never falter.

The Vision Behind Pinnacle Live

Pinnacle Live was born out of a vision to transform the hospitality and events industry by elevating the expectations of partnerships, events, and services.

We’re Shifting the Focus back to Relationships and Customer Service

By prioritizing partnerships and service, Pinnacle Live is revolutionizing the hospitality and events industry. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver an experience that is unmatched in today’s marketplace.

The Power of

Pinnacle Live’s leadership has extensive experience building and growing global audiovisual companies with a focus on hospitality and on providing outstanding customer service. We bring premium, customized solutions to every partnership and customer.

Our distinction begins with our unique model

We operate with an autonomous venue model—which means our staff are fully dedicated to a specific property and the movement of equipment is kept to a minimum. Our strategy enables our directors and teams to focus on the unique needs of a single customer. Our size and structure allow us to work efficiently, pivot quickly, and customize our solutions to ensure our customers receive an elevated experience, every time.

Experience an amazing Story

We exist to Elevate Expectations.